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Accumulators for Seiko Capacitors Watches
Stock # Size Item Price Per Capacitor Order QTY
3022-65U CTL920F
3023-24D MT920 V195, Solar Kinetic Watch V198
3023-24L MT920
3023-24R MT920 7M12A, 7M42A
3023-24T MT920 7L22
3023-24X MT920 5J21A, 5J22A, 5J23A, 5J32,
3023-24Y MT920 5K22A, 5K25A, 5K2JA,V142A,
V145A, V14JA, VS32, V157, V158
3023-34T TS920 V172, V174, V175, V176
3023-44Z MT920 5M62, 5M63, 5M65
3023-5MY (=3023-5MZ) TC920S, MT920D 5M22A, 5M23A, 5M25A, 5M42,
5M43, 5M54, 5M47, YT57,
3026-24X MT621 V137
3027-26T MT516 V110 to V114
3027-26Y MT516 1M20
3027-26Z MT516F 4M16A, 4M71A
3027-3MY MT616A 3M21A, 3M22A, MT35,3M207 (=3027-3MZ)
3027-4MZ MT616 3M62
3027-V1Z MT516F V181, V182, V185, V187
3029-008 8S21, 8S23 (Currently Out Of Stock)
3029-11 7M22, 7M45
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