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Accumulators for Seiko Capacitors Watches
Stock # Size Item Price Per Capacitor Order QTY
3022.65U CTL920F
3023.24D MT920 V195, Solar Kinetic Watch V198
3023.24L MT920
3023.24R MT920 7M12A, 7M42A
3023.24T MT920 7L22
3023.24X MT920 5J21A, 5J22A, 5J23A, 5J32,
3023.24Y MT920 5K22A, 5K25A, 5K2JA,V142A,
V145A, V14JA, VS32, V157, V158
3023.34T TS920 V172, V174, V175, V176
3023.44Z MT920 5M62, 5M63, 5M65
3023.5MZ TC920S, MT920D 5M22A, 5M23A, 5M25A, 5M42,
5M43, 5M54, 5M47, YT57,
3026-24X MT621 V137
3027.26T MT516 V110 to V114
3027.26Y MT516 1M20
3027.26Z MT516F 4M16A, 4M71A
3027.3MY MT616A 3M21A, 3M22A, MT35,3M207 (=3027-3MZ)
3027.4MZ MT616 3M62
3027.V1Z V181, V182, V185, V187
3029.008 8S21, 8S23 (Currently Out Of Stock)
3029.11 7M22, 7M45
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