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DIALUX Premium Polishing Compounds

Dialux premium polishing compounds are imported from Europe. Made from select abrasive grades uniformly blended and manufactured under the strictest quality controls. Adhere exceptionally well to buffs, brushes and felts, so very little is needed which helps reduce clean-up and save time. Individually packaged in colour-coded cardboard boxes for cleaner handling.

Box Measurements: L: 10cm X W: 3cm X H: 2.75cm
Weight: 110g

Type Box Color Application
Blanc White Bright polishing of silver.
Bleu Blue All-purpose compound for all types of metal.
Gris Gray Fine polishing of stainless steel.
Jaune Yellow For bright high polish of soft metals such as brass, bronze and copper.
Noir Black For final polishing of silver.
Rouge Red The brightest shine for yellow gold. Also produces a brilliant shine on silver.
Vert Green Recommended for bright polishing of hard alloys such as platinum, white gold, chrome, chrome cobalt and stainless steel.
Vornex Orange Pre-polish cutting compound for all ferrous metals.
Stock # Item Price Order QTY
DIA 07 000 134 Polish DIALUX Red - Fine Buffing for Gold & Silver
DIA 07 001 126 Polish DIALUX Green - Fine Buffing of very hard alloys
DIA 07 002 117 Polish DIALUX White - for Shining & Buffing of all Metals
DIA 07 003 115 Polish DIALUX Blue - Super Finishing for all Metals
DIA 07 004 098 Polish DIALUX Black - Superb Finishing of Silver
DIA 07 005 116 Polish DIALUX Grey - Polishing & Buffing of Tender Metals
DIA 07 006 109 Polish DIALUX Yellow - for Non-Ferrous Metals & Aluminium
DIA 07 010 010 Polish DIALUX Vornex (Orange) - Pre-polish, Not for Fine buffing
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