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Mandrels with Reinforced Screw-3/32" Shank

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
T-733 Mandrel with Reinforced Screw 3/32 shank

Foredom Jump Ringer Kit

Kit includes: 20 mandrels ranging from 2.5mm 12mm, Keyless winding chuck with handle, Coil holder and Saw attachment designed for use with Foredom H.30® Handpiece.

Jump ring maker has a coil winder made of solid machined aluminum. Sturdy tool for consistent jump rings. The winder with keyless chuck for changing mandrels. Flex Shaft machine is required for use.

Jump rings are an integral part of jewelry making. They form connections and are used to make chains, jewelry and chain maille. Perfect for jewelers who want to produce hundreds of jump rings, accurately, quickly and safely.

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
FD-AK307 Foredom Pepe Jump Ringer Kit

Oval Bracelet Mandrel with Tang

Stock # Item Size Price Order QTY
T-1518 Oval Bracelet Mandrel with Tang 43mm x 65mm

Hand Operated Ring Stretcher

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
T-MO10054 Hand Operated Ring Stretcher

Ring Expanding Machine

1-36 (European Std.)

High precision ring stretcher/reducer featuring a 6 spine mandrel and 16 polished countersunk dies. This high quality ring stretcher ensures exceptionally accurate ring sizing. Its countersunk polished steel reducing plate will reduce hands up to 12mm wide.

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
T-291 Ring Expanding Machine

Ring Expander & Bender

US Standard - Size: 1-15

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
T-1078 Ring Expander & Bender

Ring Stretcher

with 17 rollers

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
T-MO10055 Ring Stretcher

Table Top Ring Stretcher (Defective Sale Item)

17 roller kit in wood storage box. All ring sizes.
Please note: This item has been listed as a defective sale product.

Defect Description:
- Minor damage to the wooden box (top cover) which doesn't affect the content inside.

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
T-493A Table Top Ring Stretcher

Ring Bender (European Style)

This european style ring bender is made of cast iron. It will bend flat, oval and half-round blanks up to 4mm in thickness. Includes 2 sets of ring bending dies and an attached stepped mandrel.

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
T-1490 Ring Bender (European Style)

EuroPro Super Ring Bender

This strong and versatile Ring Bending Tool out performs all other Tools in this category. The Base and Handle perform at a high level of torque whilst allowing hte user to use less resistance in bending metals, matching outer Dies included.

Advantages and Salient Features:

  • Aluminium and machined powder coated base
  • Dies and posts are machined from solid steel, then hardened 40-44 HRC
  • 14 dies
  • Round: 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 20mm, 22mm all neatly marked
  • Post: 60 degrees and 90 degrees
  • 24mm shank for increased durability
  • Alloy Plating on all Dies and Posts - NO RUST
Stock # Item Price Order QTY
T-1803 EuroPro Super Ring Bender
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